As you know, the work that SFIC does is invaluable to maintaining enrollment healthy and stable within schools they love. SFIC scholarships allows students from low-income families to attain a high-quality education.

With the economic downturn stemming from this global health crisis, the families that SFIC supports are in dire need of further assistance and we need your help in ensuring we can continue giving the gift of education.

To that end, SFIC has launched the Just $5 Campaign — a fundraising campaign aimed at people who may not be able to give a lot right now but are still looking to play a part in protecting our beloved schools from closings and helping to ensure students can continue to receive a quality education. Together, these small donations will create a huge collective impact in the lives of families throughout our region.

By simply giving up one simple extra thing in your life, just for today, you can create a huge impact in the lives of children looking for a better future!