Manuela Yeboah

Manuela Yeboah – Alumni with a Mission

Manuela is one of the many SFIC Alumni who exemplify the main core reason for our mission – values! She is currently working as a Teacher at North Star Academy Charter School of Newark.  Previously Manuela was a Trainer for Global Kids which is a non-profit organization focused on youth development and civic engagement for underserved youth around the world. She graduated from Saint Michael’s College with a Bachelor of Science degree focusing on Environmental Science and Biology. “I have a strong passion for social justice, youth work, activism, and environmentalism–specifically in the environmental justice sector.” She has worked for the Sadie Nash Leadership. “I enjoy reading, painting, and traveling in my free time.” Manuela is just one of many siblings in her family to receive SFIC assistance and graduate from Catholic schools. Her father continues to value the education his daughters receive and the assistance that The Scholarship Fund for Inner-City Children has been able to provide with the gifts from donors!