Yaretzi and Thiago are two SFIC students currently attending St. Michael’s Elementary School in Newark.  Both students receive the Redling Family Scholarship provided for by Mr. & Mrs. Redling.

Thiago is a 4rd grader who loves going to St. Michael’s Elementary.  Yaretzi is currently a 8th grader and her favorite class is Language Arts (which is why she would like to become  a book editor in the future).    She enjoys fruits and is looking forward to continuing her Catholic education through high school.  She knows she has another year left at St. Michaels but she is already searching for the next season to her educational career.

Both students, and their families, are extremely grateful to Mr. & Mrs. Redling for providing their annual tuition assistance.  The Redlings have been providing the partial tuition assistance since 2016 and The Scholarship Fund for Inner-City Children is honored to facilitate the Redling Family Scholarship!